Fertility Support

the road to becoming a parent isn't always easy

Navigating the unknown journey of infertility and fertility treatments can be emotionally and physically draining for a family.

Although this journey is difficult, having the right support and guidance can make this tough time a little easier.


The Fertility Support Package may include:

• Guidance on natural methods of conceiving/contraception

• Informational support on what to expect during fertility treatments
• Sessions to debrief emotions and thoughts surrounding fertility treatments and (in)fertility

• Virtual support throughout the duration of care

• Support in nutrition, destressing and revitalizing yourself during and after fertility treatments.

• Stress relief tools, cognitive restructuring and creating balance statements.


Transfer to pregnancy & birth support package is optional if pregnancy is achieved and you want me with you throughout your pregnancy and birth.

In the unfortunate event that pregnancy is not achieved, I can continue to support you through your grief and loss.

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